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What’s New – AirFaas Update

huhtikuu 20, 2021 by: Dominic Barrett

Today you might have noticed something was a little different. Maybe you couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but you were working away, and you had the feeling that something had changed. You were right! Over the weekend the AirFaas development team has been working around the clock to update the system and launch a whole host of new features. A detailed breakdown can be found here.

In the SaaS industry success and failure are defined by whether your product creates value for its users. That’s why we think one of our most important jobs is to actively listen to the feedback we receive on a daily basis from our users. All requests, no matter how big, small, or sometimes a little crazy, are heard and fed to the hungry AirFaas developers.

The whole AirFaas team meets once a week and spends time discussing user feedback and how it fits into our long-term development plan. The discussion involves sales, customer success, management, head of product, and developers, defining the scope, timeframe, use cases, and how it will create value for the entirety of our users. We discuss scaling or limiting features, and as a startup, analyze the cost-benefit relationship to explore viability, and finally, if all is well, we might even form a consensus!

We have a goal to release 1 update every month from now on to deliver the high-level value that we think our users deserve. Today marks the release of the first in this series of updates: Version! Updates will be a mix of new features – designed to make your job even more efficient, feature improvements – to ensure that processes are as lean as possible, and fixes – where code gremlins need to be tamed!

Today you will notice major changes in the way that you can communicate inside AirFaas with partners who are also on the platform. Our vision for AirFaas is an ecosystem of interconnected digitalized manufactures, with world-class tools, who can complete buying and selling in the most efficient way possible. That’s why we have launched the Groups feature where you can securely connect to partners inside AirFaas and create cross-company tasks.

We want to limit the need for tools such as email and phone and allow you to centralize all project data on AirFaas. Now you can create a task for a partner in your defined group – allowing you to stay inside AirFaas, rather than switching to another tool to communicate or create a task. Maybe you need your supplier to reply to a RFQ by the end of business today or want a custom to update a purchase order. Now you can communicate this information between companies inside AirFaas!

For those of you working with complex products in industrial manufacturing, you will love the new product categorization, BOM management, and BOM generator features. Now you can define product categories based on your own exact criteria. You can ship BOMs and ensure that the component parts are reduced from your warehouse, and you can create and modify BOMs effortlessly with the new BOM generator! All of this reduces the need to work manually in Excel and reduces the chance of human error.

We’re committed to listening to our users and helping them to become more efficient in technical procurement. Our vision is an ecosystem of digitalized manufacturing professionals who all have world-class tools to do their jobs as simply as possible. If you want to learn more about the new features, or just want to get in touch to discuss AirFaas I’m listening. You never know the next crazy idea might be the best of them all!

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