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You spoke – we heard you! Introducing the new AirFaas website!

elokuu 3, 2021 by: Dominic Barrett

Every day we speak to as many of our users as possible. We also reach out to procurement professionals, managers of manufacturing organizations and industry experts to have conversations not only about AirFaas but all solutions that help simplify procurement. We’re always equally interested to talk about our solution and learn exactly what your company needs to meet its strategic and operational goals!

Whether you’re an existing AirFaas user or someone who wants to speak to one of our representatives to learn a little bit more about our solution we believe in having open and honest dialogs. Ultimately, we want all users to be our reference customers, and look to develop strong relationships that help each other grow.

Not only do we learn from all these interactions, but we actively analyze the information we receive and use that to adjust how we communicate the value that AirFaas creates. We identify what people need and we make it our priority to implement, fast!

Over the summer we have had the opportunity to process a lot of interesting information that you’ve given us. One of the most tangible results of this is our updated website. To make sure that we speak the same language, answer the most important questions, and provide the most useful information, we’ve added sections explaining how AirFaas supports different levels of your organization. Whether you’re a buyer, a supplier, a manager, or from the IT department we’ve got you covered! See the solution section for more details.

We’ve also gone into much more detail about the AirFaas features that are the most useful in guaranteeing you 100% spend management. Our idea is to give our users a reliable buying tool that makes purchasing more efficient and data-driven. AirFaas gives you tools to digitalize buying work and the ability to monitor orders and produce reports instantly! See the features section for more details.

Do you also agree that it’s important that we added information about our pricing structure to be as transparent and predictable as possible? As a SaaS solution, AirFaas pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee defined by 2 metrics: your company revenue and the number of users that will operate your company in AirFaas. There are no hidden fees, and continuous services such as customer support and all product upgrades are included. Learn about AirFaas pricing here.

Finally, we wanted to pay homage to our roots and add a Finnish translation to our website. This is important because Finland is our home market. We’re always perfecting our message. This means making all the translations we want to is time-consuming. We hope to add translations and support as many languages as possible in the future.

We continue to look for ways we can make the lives of buyers better. Say Hi to Good Buys with AirFaas!

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