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toukokuu 10, 2023 by: Robert Blomstedt

We are proud to announce we have gone LIVE with our latest release!

This release consists of 32 issues that are fixing and improving the usability of the system. The update is based on customer requests, and it brings in changes and features enhancing the daily use of the AirFaas system. We hope all users will find the new features usable. We keep on developing the AirFaas platform highly prioritizing our dear users’ feedback and discussions we have had.

We do not list all improvements in this announcement, but we compile a list of what has been achieved so some issues solved might have been related to same listed topic. Feel free to ask for clarification from us in relevant direct channels we have with you in MatterMost.

Please empty your cookies or hard refresh your browser to ensure the updates comes into your browser when using system.


  1. Invoiced data report – We patched an issue that the invoice reports show always only the lines that are invoiced in all situations.
  2. Shipped data report – We improved the shipped data report to show only the lines that are shipped and not all lines even if qty. is zero. The report also now clearly shows if some shipped and invoiced lines are later deleted.
  3. Intrastat report – We added reference to the 3rd party invoice number to the Intrastat report.
  4. We modified reports to show also non-shippable items in all reports.

Landed cost manual update

  1. We fixed the system to be able to read comma separation values.

Nonconformity PDF report

  1. We fixed the report to not show deleted items in the report.

Invoice form

  1. Reference number – We renamed the manual entry field in invoice form to be called Invoice number
  2. Closing Invoice – We added function to close and save invoice that locks the Invoice from Editing
  3. Delete Invoice – We added the possibility to Delete an invoice that is not sent to a 3rd party system.
  4. Invoice date automated from shipment date- We added function that the invoice date is by default the shipment date of shipment. This can be manually changed to another date.

Warehouse BIN renaming

  1. We fixed the BIN numbering so it can be changed, and the transaction log would still show.

RFQ Project

  1. Comparing pricing – We added a new feature to allow you to compare quotes, internal estimated price, customer targets and supplier targets. This function can be opened directly from the specification by pushing Compare Quotations. Now you can therefore compare pricing even if there are no quotations made.
  2. Quote reference – We made it possible to add a reference to a quote after saving it for the first time.
  3. We added toggle to switch items sellable or shippable properties in the specification.
  4. We added RFQ status filter into RFQ list view.

Linked items

  1. We fixed an issue where you could not link certain items to existing transactions.

Service PO decimals

  1. We fixed the Service PO reports to show only 2 decimals.

Item availability

  1. We added an availability checker into the Warehouse Bins. You can check your total availability of items now directly when in a Warehouse BIN. By pushing other Bins, Open POs or Open SOs you also get a list with links to these items.

Task calendar improvements

  1. Task list – We added an end time filter to see only tasks prior to the end time date given.
  2. Task time dropdown – We improved the time choosing with a time picker and the ability to also add a manual time entry.

Customer shipment PDFs shows linked PO references

  1. We added automation to see in Customer shipment PDFs linked PO references if is applicable (Buy to order).

Include order in shipment order search

  1. We improved the search parameters for shipments where you add multiple orders.

Best wishes, Airfaas Development Team

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