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maaliskuu 31, 2023 by: Robert Blomstedt

We at AirFaas Development team have launched a new release to the LIVE version of AirFaas. This release consists of 30 issues that are fixing and improving the usability of the system. The update is based on customer requests, and it brings in changes and features enhancing the daily use of the AirFaas system. We hope all users will find the new features usable. We keep on developing the AirFaas platform highly prioritizing our dear users’ feedback and discussions we have had.

We do not list all improvements in this announcement, but we compile a list of what has been achieved so some issues solved might have been related to same listed topic. Feel free to ask for clarification or comment to us in general in our relevant direct channels we have with you in MatterMost.

Please empty your cookies or hard refresh your browser to ensure the updates comes into your browser when using system.

File manager – Removed the file upload Box in product page due to unclear function

  • We removed the box for file upload in the product page as it had some usability problems. Please use the file manager instead from the action bar on right side.

Invoice and Invoice report improvements

  • Invoice reference added to main search index
  • Invoice reference added to reports
  • Invoice list page – added sheets for supplier/customer invoices in invoice list page
  • Added possibility to create Pro-Forma from Approved PO
  • Added filters for Invoice reports to see Invoice/Credit invoice list, All including Pro-Forma, Pro-Forma only
  • Credit lines added to regular sales or purchase invoice are also seen on reports
  • Added invoice type to be shown in linked items

Project, RFQ and Quote improvements

  • Quoted Specification can now be un-locked for editing
  • Specification number is now shown in specification list
  • RFQ and Quotes can now be referenced and the references are shown in RFQs and Quotes in Project page
  • Specification name is now shown in Quote list view page
  • Quote mailer link fix – registered user access the quote from mail received
  • Quoted BOM can be expanded and collapsed
  • Quote that is approved with main parts and child parts that are not shippable and sellable can be ordered with main parts only

Companies Shipping and Billing addresses

  • You can now define in own and partner companies setup page multiple shipping and billing addresses
  • In order entry you can now define also ship from address for order
  • Orders and shipping documents shows now also from where order is shipped
  • Invoice created can be defined to use base address or the address you defined behind company setup

Warehouse management and reports

  • We added into Warehouse BINs now fields for PO, Container number, Port and ETA
  • New fields are shown now in BIN list and Warehouse reports also for better follow up of inventory

Cloning Orders

  • Orders that are cloned have now empty Need by and ship by dates. Order date is date of cloning.

Order line comments Bug fix

  • We identified and fixed a bug where a line comment on order would jump to another line in shipment. Now comments stay on right lines all the time.

Shipping pack lists

  • Multi-order shipments PDF reports show order references separated

Best wishes, Airfaas Development Team

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