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marraskuu 22, 2022 by: Robert Blomstedt

We at AirFaas Development team have launched a new release to the LIVE version of AirFaas.
The update was based on customer requests, and it brings in changes and features enhancing the daily use of the AirFaas system.
We hope all users will find the new features usable.

File manager – Added Inventory transfer Tags, file archive and index in search engine
User can now attach the Inventory transfer PDF into archive by click of a button.

The system will automatically update metadata tags for the file uploaded.
Manual upload of files can also be tagged with metadata as per user wish.

BOM specification functionality update
We re-built the project specification building so that it will work much quicker than before. Especially with big BOMs. In the project specification view the specification will only show the main part and can then be collapsed by click of a button or opened from the + icon level by level. Please have a test and give us feedback.

1000+ lines speed increase in specfication management

Expand line per line by pushing + Icon

Expand or Collapse entire BOM by push of button

Shippable and sellable definition updating to in project specification
We updated the specification to have both shippable and sellable options for parts and BOMs. This can be managed directly in the specification UI or via the import/export excel.

Specification supports shippable function in excel and in UI

Specification supports sellable function in excel and in UI

Mass part and rev updating to default in project specification
We added a button to the specification from which you can now mass update all parts in specification to become the default part and revision.
If you have integrations that expect certain type of format, this is the tool to ensure all your parts have mandatory fields, such as Product description. The same function is also handy for mass categorization and adding other type of info to your products.

Mass updating your product database of multiple parts product and revision defaults.

3rd party Invoice ID listing in reporting
We added into the Invoice reporting section of AirFaas 3rd party invoice ID numbering. This helps to ensure and identify all invoices in 3rd party bookkeeping system are also in the AirFaas system and vice versa.

3rd party invoice ID in Invoice reports

Shipped not invoiced report
We added in both sales and purchasing reporting a filter for shipped data section. None, invoiced, notinvoiced`. This helps you ensure all your shipped SOs are also invoiced. Likewise it helps to ensure all PO receipts are also invoiced in AirFaas, and helps in ensuring full audit trail of PO based purchase invoice checking in bookkeeping.

Shipped not invoiced report

Received not invoiced report

Warehouse ZERO line filter in report
We added a filter to Warehouse Inventory report to show or not show ZERO lines in the report

Zero line filter added to WH report

Order line sellable order total recalulation
We added a calulcation checker to ensure that in order and order lines the total only includes lines that are defined as sellable. So if the item line is defined not sellable and still has a price defined it will not show in order totals.

Not sellable calculation of totals fixed

Best wishes,
Airfaas Development Team

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