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lokakuu 28, 2022 by: Robert Blomstedt

We at AirFaas Development team have finally launched a new release to the LIVE version of AirFaas.
The update was major, as it brings in big changes in the internal file management system of AirFaas.
We are proud of this achievement and hope all users will find the new file handling features usable.

The user interface can be developed further in future releases and we are hoping for feedback from users, to give us hints of how to improve the interface.

In the same release we have also added new functions and improvements to the system. Please find list of functions added or improved under.

File manager 2.0
AirFaas has released a new version of file manager. This update takes the file management features within AirFaas to the next level.

The user can now upload files within the system and add predefined metadata and personal tags to the files easily. Predefined metadata will also be tagged to files when added to archive in different places within the system. This function greatly improves search capabilities of the files within the system.

AirFaas Dev team has added a range of predefined METADATA tags for AirFaas users to use. If you need some other tags please be in contact with your AirFaas contact person.

Files are now available to be linked, copied or moved to other places. AirFaas recommends user to mostly use link function as this will leave the original file accessible in the original place it was uploaded to.

When you add a link to another place the file will be accessible in both original and new place.

If you MOVE the file to another place the file will be accessible only in the new place.

If you COPY the file it will be then really hard copied so that you have the original file where it was originally uploaded to and a new file in the new place.

When sending mails via the AirFaas Messagehub you will be able to choose the correct files you want to share with your correspondent with help of metadata tags and you can also preview the files to be shared before sending.

PROJECT – Specification files counter
AirFaas now shows how many files are linked to each project specification

FILEMANAGER – View sheets explained
Main View:
View shown first when file manager is opened in different locations.
This view shows the files linked to the location you are in within AirFaas. The File data, tags and custom meta columns defines clearer what kind of files they are.

In main view you can update individual or multiple files with additional metadata and do Link, Move, Copy operations to files as well.
Meta View:
This sheet is for deeper level search functions within the system. It is to be used for mainly deeper level search within the system. It will be improved during future releases based on user feedback received.

Uploader View:
This view is used for adding new files into the archive with selection of accompanied metadata tags or key – value data pairs of your choice.

You can upload one or several files at a time.
You can also upload .tar files, which the system will automatically extract into the archive, while also meta tagging the files.
NOTE: If you do not want to extract files into the archive, please use other file format like .zip when archiving files prior to upload.

Help View:
We have added an initial version of Help instructions for users on how to use the file manager. It is still to be developed further based on feedback from users.

User reporting – Sales order Delivery accuracy
Sales order delivery accuracy in User reporting section has been updated to show delivery accuracy based on originally defined ship by date

Purchase reporting – Filtering
Product code filter has been added to most PO trackers to ease search of needed product data

Shipping – Shipment product data based on own Database data
Counter party created orders will now use Own company product data upon shipment of goods ordered by counter party.

Buy to Order function improvement
When receiving POs you can with Buy to Order function simultaneously ship the linked SO. We have improved the function and also ensured the product weights follow through the process for better shipping documentation generation and reporting.

Intrastat – Intrastat reporting has been developed into AirFaas
Intrastat codes are defined in private categories
Products can then be linked to categories with correct HS code definition
In Sales and Purchase reporting there is now available Intrastat reports compiling code based sales and purchases with currency value and weight totals per country and code.
NOTE: this function works only for invoiced data

Task management
Users can now attach files to tasks and with metadata

Best wishes,
Airfaas Development Team



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