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elokuu 18, 2022 by: Dominic Barrett

At AirFaas we work extremely closely with our users to understand the features we should develop that will not only solve their own personal pain points, but that will also support current and future users. Simultaneously, we have a roadmap that stretches into the distant future that aspires to build a world-leading procurement solution that can be used (and afforded) by small and medium-sized enterprises and multi-national corporations alike.

New Features

Commission Orders – Agents, or Procurement-as-a-service (PaaS) companies can create orders based on the service they provide to their customers.

If your business is being a local partner and expert in purchasing goods on behalf of a customer you need a way to monitor the value of the purchases you conduct, and bill the customer based on a negotiated commission rate. Now AirFaas streamlines this process by giving you the tools to create a service or commission order between the customer company and your company.

You can define multiple commission tiers, and transparently share the necessary data with your customer. You will also have insight into cumulative totals for the calendar year and have the ability to analyze all the data in the AirFaas reporting section.

Company Settings – Default VAT percentage for a customer or supplier

Use the main search function and navigate to a customer or suppliers company page in AirFaas. Scroll to the bottom of the page and now you can set a default VAT percentage that is automated to invoicing.

Invoice – Payment terms due date calculation

When creating an invoice there is the automation of the invoice due date based on the payment terms selected.

Invoice – Pop-up to ensure that default currency, tax percentage, payment and delivery terms are respected

A pop-up window will inform you if any of the above-stated fields do not match the default setting defined behind a company.

LIVE API integrations with Procounter and Smart Accounts

As companies digitalize more and more processes it’s important to utilize the productivity savings available by integrating the other systems they use. We have recently developed accounts receivable integrations for both Procounter and Smart accounts.

New Actions bar PDF and Excel section

We noticed that in the shipment and receipts page actions there were a lot of buttons for various processes, some thought there were too many buttons! We have therefore created a new menu that contains all the PDF and Excel files that can be created in this section of AirFaas. For the sake of a peaceful and harmonized system, we also added this PDF and Excel section to all other sections of AirFaas.

Feature Improvements

Order and Invoice – Exchange rate styling improvements

You can now easily convert currencies in AirFaas orders and invoices using an API from the European Central Bank (ECB). The data provided is based on the previous day’s exchange rate.

Orders – Order table column heading improvements

We have edited and removed some column headings in the order table to ensure the most important data is visible without having to scroll horizontally.

Port of loading (POL) and port of discharge (POD)

We have added the ability to define both loading and discharge destinations. This data will appear in order-related documentation.


Orders – Page text correction

Project – Status and reason fix

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