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Nikolai Sourcing increased procurement as a service (PaaS) transparency with AirFaas

syyskuu 9, 2022 by: Tiina Salminen - Snuup Oy

Nikolai sourcing conducts purchasing in Asia and says that digitalization and globalization have changed the industry but the idea of going to the source of the product remains.

Nikolai Sourcing opened its first office in Beijing in the 90s. Since then globalization has meant that obtaining product information and collecting data has become more fragmented and requires increased effort.

Buyers have less time and responsibility issues are important, so help is needed, commercial director Rauli Ratasvuori from Nikolai Sourcing says.

A reliable, local, responsible, and transparent procurement partner

Nikolai Sourcing procures goods, such as commercial products, industrial components, and engineering work from Asia. As an operator aiming for long-term customer relationships, they must deliver on their customer promises of reliability, locality, responsibility, and transparency.

Because of the time difference, it is important that all the procurement data is centralized. For example, I need to be able to get information without waking up someone in China. With a centralized solution, we can guarantee continuity even in those situations where the responsible person changes. With this idea in mind, we set out to compare several procurement software that were light and easy to use, Ratasvuori sums up.

Scaling cost-effectively

Ratasvuori says that with AirFaas, they can scale their operations quickly and at a low cost. They feel that AirFaas saves time during typical business processes like tendering and invoicing. Nikolai Sourcing operates globally, and there were different methods of operation in different cultures. Now their objective is to have a single solution with a standardized way of working between the different offices.

Of course, there is always more to learn and use as AirFaas develops constantly. However, we have received support from AirFaas, and concrete improvements have been seen in our operations, Ratasvuori says.

In PaaS companies, AirFaas aims for transparency and efficiency.

We always define a set of best practice instructions for each individual customer use case and advise and guide you in maximizing the efficiency of your team using AirFaas. We give buyers a tool with which they can do their own work in a way that’s fast and straightforward. Then, management gets tools to analyze those transactions and quickly produce all needed reports. With AirFaas, we try to cut out unnecessary manual work steps, which gives the freedom to grow without investing in organizational growth, Robert Blomstedt, CEO of AirFaas says.

AirFaas guarantees 100% control of procurement processes

Ratasvuori recommends AirFaas to companies like them, for whom transparency and accountability are important.

As a procurement tool, AirFaas is functional and integrations with other systems are good. Different pieces are upgradeable and replaceable. The cooperation has also been nice, Ratasvuori says with a smile.

Do you do a lot of RFQs, take in offers and create offers for your own customers? Book a demo, we’ll show you how we make your working hours more efficient.

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