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What’s New – AirFaas Update

September 29, 2021 by: Dominic Barrett

Good things come to those who wait, and we’ve all been eagerly anticipating this update to AirFaas! We’re happy to announce that we’re now live with a whole host of new features, improvements, and enhancements that will make your life better, your procurement easier, and have you wondering what life was like before everything changed!

We think the most exciting part of this update is the new look RFQ process. It features a new UX for the Project function and the ability to create specifications from past orders, quotes, categories, as well as enhanced and simplified import and editing of BOMs from Excel, and improvements for how you create a specification based on your existing AirFaas products and BOMs.

The new RFQ process also has the ability to merge, split and copy specifications in a project. This gives users a powerful tool with a simple interface so you can build and edit complex BOMs, or split BOMs down into subassemblies ready to create RFQs to Suppliers.

After building your Specification you can use the workbench to create RFQs by adding information for payment and delivery terms, delivery and shipment dates, as well as supplier info, and then save all of this data ready to be sent at a later date. The ability to create RFQs in stages has been requested by many users and these improved features will mean that your strategic purchasing becomes easier to manage.

Learn how to use the new RFQ features here.

The AirFaas Message Hub is a brand new feature that will improve the efficiency of your procurement by allowing you to further centralize how you communicate and share files from inside the AirFaas solution. Now you can send emails from the new Message Hub and share data on RFQs, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Order, Shipments, Receipts, Invoices, Nonconformities, Specifications and attach necessary files.

By pressing the mail icon you can review sent or received messages. If you press Message Icon from a specific page, you can forward the data included in that page to the email of a supplier, customer or team member. You can also link different items together and forward multiple types of data in the same message.

Learn how to use the Message Hub here.

The File Manager allows you to upload, store and share different files and associate them to different processes in AirFaas. Use the File Manager to upload files to RFQs, Quotes, Purchase Orders, Sales Order, Shipments, Receipts, Invoices, Nonconformities, and Specifications. Uploaded Files can then be password protected and shared. Shared files are currently valid for 7 days, and the receiver can download them as a Zipped file.

Learn how to use the File Manager here.

Finally, if you’ve followed any of the links to learn how to use the new features you will have noticed that we have a new and updated AirFaas user manual. You will find the links integrated into the page actions of each section of AirFaas, or denoted by a question mark (in the Message Hub and File Manager). The links take you to the user manual, where you can use your left and right arrow keys to browse through different sections of the manual, and your up and down arrow keys to look at the info in each section.

We hope the integrated User Manual will support our users in learning how to use the new features and act as reference material for all processes in AirFaas.

View the User Manual from the first page here.


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