AirFaas – Tools for modernizing the way manufacturing companies buy and sell goods. If your partner isn't on AirFaas yet, you can digitalize processes on their behalf, or invite them to log in for free to work with you. All processes listed are linked to a project with all data accessible from a one-page project overview.


RFQ-process - create and send RFQs to multiple suppliers quickly. Digitalize BOMs, split them into subassemblies, add technical drawings and pictures.
Purchasing Process - create and send purchase orders (POs). Receive PO confirmations for partial or multiple POs, and update POs as needed. PO Receipt price check (AP Validation).
Receive goods.
Create PO invoices.
Nonconformity process - create nonconformities towards your suppliers. Add root causes, corrective and preventative actions, costs and supporting pictures and other attachments.
Product management process - Add individual products and categories. Include product information based on weight, revision, description, certification, hazardous materials (carbon footprint, RoHS, SVHC) and pictures.
BOM - manage parts and add them to complex BOMs. Import, handle and split BOMs quickly and easily.
Price-list management - standardize repeat business by creating pricelists for customers and suppliers.
Warehouse process - automate the receipt of goods including 3rd party visibility and confirmation.


Respond to RFQs, quickly log into AirFaas to create, and send a quote to your customer.
Manage purchase orders (POs) - receive and confirm customer's POs.
Shipping process - create shipments, either partial or multi-SO based, including all associated documentation.
Invoicing process - create SO invoices.
Sales order management process (applies when customer not in AirFaas) - create SOs.
Nonconformity process - communicate with customers and add transparency on how you handle quality management.
Catalogue process - create catalogues, a B2B webshop and pricelists to automate sales in the AirFaas marketplace.
Warehouse process - automate the receipt of goods including 3rd party visibility and confirmation.
Create and manage all sales related documents.
Provide real-time order transaction status visibility for all your customers.
All documentation is available with your own logo in PDF form - a list of all docs (RFQ, quotes, POs, SOs, packing lists, pallet specification labels, NCs.
Simple token-based secured file archiving means you can share files within the system.
Reporting on sales, purchasing, quality, customers, suppliers, users, products, profitability, and sustainability.
Automatically generated KPIs on all companies for delivery performance, quality, and defective parts per million (DPPM).



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