hello world!

I love being in the wilderness fishing by myself or sitting at the fire and looking at the river where my friends are fly fishing. I was enjoying that kind of view during the last few days of my vacation this year.

Then my phone rang and everything suddenly changed. I was asked to become the CEO of AirFaas, which means I must leave my current responsibilities at Combi Works, my other company.

After the phone call, I did some deep contemplation by myself. At that point, I did not check my emails or discuss with anybody.

Monday arrives. Announcements are made internally. My team assures me that everything will be alright. And they are right. It is not only about me, it is about us doing this together.

I’m excited and grateful to have the best team around me. I know our product inside out – better than anyone at this point. I have been the central person in developing the logic of the system from the very beginning. And more importantly, I’m proud of our team’s ability to solve problems and help customers develop their strategic purchasing.

During my long career working with supply chains and procurement I have always made it a priority to help people find ways to be more efficient. I have worked with frontline Finnish and Swedish manufacturing companies, supporting their supply chain and system development, which gives me a solid background to bring this company to the next level. This is my passion. It is time to make AirFaas BIG!

The coming weeks and months will be the most exciting ones of my life. I trust that my colleagues, friends, and partners will support me in this new path, as I promise to support them.

I’m Robi, the CEO of AirFaas, the system that I recommend for all companies to use to make their strategic purchasing more efficient, more data-driven, and less manual.

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