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April 14, 2021 by: Juuso Jankama

Hello! This is my first blog as the new CEO of AirFaas. It is also the first blog post on the newly updated AirFaas Website. So Welcome! I want to use this opportunity to talk about the changes we have made with AirFaas.

“Pushing the envelope” is the American fighter pilots way of explaining how to get the very most out of their airplanes, to exceed the expectations of their material. And you can actually say that this is what we have done also with AirFaas. We have checked out all the angles of AirFaas “envelope” to find out how to get the most value out of it for our customers.

Where you meet this change primarily is the updated AirFaas Website! Visitors who have been here before will notice that the visual aspects of AirFaas are the same, but the message is different. You may notice that we are introducing AirFaas as Technical Procurement solution and at the same time we have moved focus away from Factory As a Service and the industrial marketplace.

There are a couple reasons behind the change in our message. We have listened to market feedback which said that it is difficult to understand what AirFaas is and what benefits it brings. This was a fair point of view! We admit that our message was too idealistic, abstract, and it focused too much on our long-term vision. By looking to the future we missed the here and now, and forgot to tell about the immediate benefits that AirFaas provides to our customers: the high quality tools for managing technical procurement and sales end-to-end, from initiating and responding to RFQ’s all the way to collaborative nonconformity management process.

With these things in mind we decided to improve the AirFaas website to be simple, descriptive, and focus on the concrete capabilities and benefits we provide. We removed a lot of content that we felt was outdated or unclear. We added content that is to the point and easy to figure out, just like AirFaas tools are. The outcome to us is exactly what we hoped for: a simple and informative site that builds on the strong AirFaas brand.

Even though our message is now more focused on AirFaas tools and the benefits they provide, we have not forgotten or abandoned our long-term vision of connecting available industrial capacity with companies needing it. We believe that digitalization will allow companies to utilize existing production capacity rather than always investing in their own capacity. This will significantly improve asset utilization, ROI and competitiveness of industrial clusters and ecosystems. But to get there we need to make sure that all the players within those clusters have proper tools for digitally managing their operations.

The reality is that too many businesses lack the capability to handle business transactions digitally. Therefore, the first step for AirFaas is to help these businesses get access to great digital tools. The second step is to connect these businesses digitally. After which we will get to our final destination – a digitally connected network of factories that can sell their capacity to buyers as a service.

In the context of this long journey updating the website was a baby step, but still an important one. There are a ton of businesses out there struggling with old ways of working and not being able to enjoy the benefits of proper digital tools. We want to help these businesses take their first step on their digital journey. Telling our story in a simple, concise way helps us help our customers.

Juuso Jankama, CEO AirFaas

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