Choosing the Procurement Path

April 28, 2021 by: Juuso Jankama

It takes a while, but in life and in business you sooner or later realize what you are really good at. And how to go on with that experience as your biggest asset.

At AirFaas we have dedicated a lot of time to find out what we are really good at. We have benchmarked our services, we have asked our customers about their experiences and we have turned every stone on the path leading to where we are now.

Technical Procurement.

After launching the new website one of the questions that has been asked is “why focus so strongly on procurement”? People familiar with the AirFaas solution know that from a capability standpoint we can do many other things too.

AirFaas for Sellers helps companies to manage their sales side data and interact with their customers digitally. AirFaas works as a market place and we have companies sharing their sales catalogs there. AirFaas also supports supply chain visibility and manages stock.

So why focus so strongly on just one side of AirFaas?

We chose to focus on Procurement because we believe that is where we can provide the most value to our customers. We know for a fact, that getting spend under control is still a struggle for many manufacturing companies. We know there are no good solutions for managing technical procurement, and the ones that exist, are extremely expensive and accessible only to the largest corporations.

This is why key parts of procurement are done manually with excels, PowerPoints, email and a variety of file storage systems even in the biggest companies. AirFaas has tools for improving all aspects of procurement and the barriers to entry are low - our solution is both cost-efficient and is easy to implement.

This puts us in a position to help more companies get access to cutting-edge digital procurement capabilities than ever before.

We didn’t get rid of all the things that AirFaas has been capable of doing before. It is all still there. We are just framing what we do differently. And the things we don’t talk about so strongly are added value that help us to stand out from the other vendors.

We're excited about setting off on our new journey and welcome you all along for the ride!

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