AirFaas is a Finnish software company that digitalizes procurement and supply chains. Backed by industrial investors and industry leaders, the company was founded by procurement and supply chain specialists with decades of experience in global business.


You know how managing your purchasing can be a real struggle? It kinda works, but you spend too much time searching for files, emails, and post-it notes that the cleaner may have thrown into the trash? The founders of AirFaas struggled with the same thing: they couldn't scale their business because the work was too manual. They created AirFaas so companies could take control of Technical procurement and save up to 5% of their spend by buying

Award winning

2018: AirFaas was awarded the "DIGITALEUROPE SME AWARD" by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society, as the company most suited to be the next European tech giant.

Are you looking for a new job and interested in digitalizing technical procurement and supply chains? AirFaas is growing, and constantly looking to fill a variety of roles. Send your CV and a short cover letter to careers@airfaas.com and let’s talk.
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