Greta Grudzinskaitė
Segment manager


Jaakko Eskola
Business Development Manager

Schneider Electric’s solution portfolio comprises of components and software that are built on open interfaces and interoperability with leading technologies.  Schneider Electric utilizes the power of ecosystem by collaborating with players, such as AirFaas, that can complement the offer to meet customers’ demands.
AirFaas finds suitable manufacturers to design and produce assembly kits so that we can focus on our core offer within the electric vehicle charging business in several countries.

This way, together, we can find new suppliers, organize outsourced manufacturing, automate processes, create the market and marketplace for accessories, and in general speed up time to market.

AirFaas solves several problems for us in one easy-to-implement solution.

Use cases:
AirFaas marketplace
AirFaas supplier portal
AirFaas project management

Tuomas Mattila
Business Development Manager
Schneider Electric