Who is Airfaas for?

AirFaas is for companies who have buying, especially strategic buying, at the heart of their operations. The greatest value is created for companies who:
Have large supplier networks
Do a lot of RFQ’s and tendering
Rely on their suppliers for their own performance
Need a lot of data on suppliers and purchases

Deliver large turnkey projects

As a company, you work with a lot of projects often with high levels of customization

Deliveries are unique to customer specifications
Project management is essential
Similar products but highly different

build customer specific products

You operate on an engineer-to-order basis working closely with customers and design work

All products are tailored to customer needs
Small batch sizes, low frequency of repetition
Third option

serve customers through networks

You rely on a trusted network of suppliers and utilize this expertise to deliver your products

Deliver a large variety of standard parts
Don’t have own production, rely own large supplier networks
Handlers of “long-tail”

Act as buyers for your customers

You specialize in buying and other procurement services, ranging from training to IT solutions

You buy on behalf of customers
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