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AirFaas – Q&A

AirFaas is a revolution. A new way for factories to reach new customers globally, and grow with them. At the same time minimize admin and radically reduce the need for heavy IT investments.


The admin system gives tools for subcontracting project management, RFQ process, PO/SO process, Nonconformity process, shipping, warehouse management, product catalogues, price lists, everything in an ecosystem form. No more double work throughout the supply chain.


It additionally provides financing for your sales orders, so you don´t havet o finance your customers (limited to EU).


And, best things last, it is a unique global marketplace for finding partners and purchasing or selling your products. Expanding has never been so easy!

AirFaas is not an ERP, and doesn’t compete with ERPs. But it eliminates or reduces your ERP investments if you don’t have one. And if you have an ERP, you can integrate with AirFaas to change your company into an ecosystem mode which allows you to increase the productivity in your supply chain.

ERP systems are complex and non-flexible systems. But AirFaas is a complete ecosystem for all your incoming and outbound product and component needs.

AirFaas does not include a bookkeeping system or an MES. Your ERP, bookkeeping or MES can be integrated, but if your company is planning to change your ERP you can save alot of money by firstly implementing AirFaas.

ERP systems, traditional supplier or customer portals are in essence silos. They do not freely communicate or allow collaboration. AirFaas ecosystem is very different in its system architecture. AirFaas is your own system in which you deal with your own business freely and with no information disappearing to others. Unless intended to collaborate. When you work with your partners, it mirrors transactions. What does that mean? It means that if you create a Purchase order, AirFaas creates the corresponding sales order and your supplier simply confirms it with a date. If your supplier makes a shipment in his end, the system automatically informs you of the shipment and updates it into your warehouse, when you confirm it. The same logic applies to price lists, warehouse bins, shipments, nonconformities. And since its an ecosystem, it allows you to collaborate and trace products deeper to Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and so on suppliers. This unique feature is only possible through AirFaas system architecture and transaction based pricing model.

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Pay transaction based, no fixed costs.

At some point, if other companies would try to build a digital ecosystems and they were to arise, they too would be integrated, into an even larger ecosystem. So it will not constitute a risk.

ERP’s and supplier portals are silos and their system costs, implementation work and integrations are costly.


AirFaas is transaction based and allows therefore an easy implementation process, in weeks even for a larger company. The costs are limited even for larger companies.


These two features allow large companies to implement an audit and traceability trail through the whole supply chain, through Tier 1, Tier 2 and so on. All in a digital format, with automated third party audits, performance indicators.


This gives you access to visualize your supply chain and ensure that no unwanted manufacturing organizations are involved.

Subcontracting is our passion, all our innovators have their history in the manufacturing industry. So to create just a marketplace was just not good enough for us.


We know manufacturers and factories already have a complex working environment, and we wanted to change that.


In order to allow factories and buyers to use the same language and help them handle all manufacturing related aspects, be it drawings, categories, specs, quality aspects, finance - we created AirFaas to enable all this, the markets most comprehensive admin tool for subcontracting and manufacturing.


The challenge was making it possible to take non standard products and purchase them in non standard packages and batches.


If you think of Airbnb, its easy to comprehend what you´re buying by 5 pics of an apartment. How would you do the same with industry?


The answer comes in millions of variations, but is at the same time the essence of AirFaas. COMPLEX MADE SIMPLE!


We have solved this, giving you the tools to do your work easier, allow greater traceability and join the existing resources into the new ecosystem that is "Factory As A Service.

AirFaas includes all tools that are needed for efficient handling of incoming and outgoing production flow. AirFaas includes:


  1. Project management of Subcontracting
  2. System for creating and comparing RFQs (request for quotation), archive of quotations
  3. Purchase order (PO) and sales order (SO) management system with digital confirmations and schedule follow-up
  4. System for achieving GPO (Global process ownership)
  5. Product catalogue
  6. Warehouse module with bins, automatically linked to PO and SO process
  7. Nonconformity management system
  8. Communication channel and tool (like Slack)
  9. Standard Supply contracts – no more contract-less situations
  10. Access to AirFaas Finance loop – the world’s first digital manufacturing financing tool
  11. Supplier portal
  12. Customer portal
  13. Task calendar and management within company
  14. AirFaas manufacturing marketplace

They don´t have to worry about expensive IT investments, such as ERP. They will have clarity in all communications, no tangled-up e-mail threads, they will access a modern communications system, RFQs in one transparent system, get more business through an open RFQ pool, an open B2B web shop for your customers – and their factory will be showcased globally.


AirFaas also solves the problem with siloism. People from quality, procurement, production and after sales are now gathered in a transparent ecosystem where they can access all information and communication, instead of being isolated in their own channels of communication. This will complete reform the efficiency in your company. And the same extends to your whole supply chain, you can ensure that your whole supply chain can access all the info you see they need.

The buyers in AirFaas gets a supplier portal for handling all of their manufacturing in one place. It allows companies to manufacture their machines and components without owning factories, production equipment or having production workers. It enables manufacturing in existing production plants globally through the AirFaas portal, like Airbnb offers accommodation.


Just upload your specifications to AirFaas, and you will get propositions from your existing manufacturing base or from one or a few new suitable factories including logistics, distribution, financing and overall budget.


Once in the system you will have the same advantages as the factories you are using - Less administration, easier communication and no need for heavy IT investments.

Yes absolutely. That is the core idea. AirFaas is an ecosystem and all the benefits described above mean that the system bridges a big gap in your manufacturing and therefore also can be connected with all your systems.


So you can decide, you can first run separately and when you are ready, do all integrations.

Not immediate competitors. AirFaas solves things in a modern and right way. Some of our system’s parts compete with competing systems. The marketplace competes with sourcing portals. The quality system competes with nonconformity maintenance systems. The quotation system partly would compete with ERPs and e-Commerce systems, but AirFaas is more powerful. The ecosystem characteristic combined with quick setup and no fixed costs structure makes it a unique solution.


AirFaas is fully decentralized and that makes it unique compared to any existing Silo based system where there is a centralized company running the show


And trying out is easy, you basically have nothing to lose.

As a factory you no longer need to finance your customers production. Our ”AirFaas - Finance Loop” takes care of that after a normal financial evaluation.

AirFaas allows manufacturing in existing production plants globally making production more efficient and reduces the need of building new factories with enormous carbon footprints.

AirFaas allows both small and large companies to become global manufacturers bringing manufacturing close to market demand. No longer will it be necessary to manufacture large batches into stock and ship it through a vast logistics chain all over the world.


The buyer can use the capacity available closer to the different markets in EU, Asia, the USA and so on.

AirFaas is an open ecosystem, so you are visible to all users on AirFaas. The better you perform, the better your KPIs will bring you out. AirFaas is also constantly running around in its target countries, delivering keynotes in Industry events, growing with new users, hosting events. And then obviously, the more you tell about your company going digital, the easier it will be for others to find you. So partly you will be supported by AirFaas efforts and partly it’s up to you. What we can promise is that AirFaas will put you ahead of the competition that hasn’t taken the digital leap.

AirFaas does not take away or make you lose anything. It helps you digitalize and deepen your relationship with your partners. More transparency and easier digital communication mean your partnership will only become better. Just as google or other web browsers have not made your customers change to other partners, AirFaas improves your relationship, it doesn’t reduce it.

AirFaas is fully scalable as a business model with very few limitations to the size of its growth. The best part is that much of the growth comes through a snowball effect. Every factory that starts using it, takes it to all its customers. Similarly, any customer starting to use AirFaas takes it also to its suppliers. And the scalability and financing tools leads to both customer and suppliers having a stronger balance sheet with higher gearing rate.

AirFaas started testing the concept five years ago, with production of manufacturing tractors, landfill compactors, waste shredders, windmill components, solar panels and so on, being part of the 5-year piloting program inside the mother company Combi Works with roots in the 80’s.

Our company is founded already in 2005 and has a turnover of over 12 mEUR. We’re not a startup relying solely on investment money. We have been in the business for a long time, and we are here to stay!

AirFaas doesn’t remove all business risks involved in manufacturing. But it gives a better and safer framework for it. For example, the general terms which each user accepts when registering into the system ensures that there is a legal framework for your business. So you no longer risk lying in a non-contractual situation with your partners.

We take security seriously and have built the system with security, scalability and a global reach in mind. The system has been third-party audited by Finnish VTT organization (TECHNICAL RESEARCH CENTRE OF FINLAND)

The answer is simply – we don´t. Instead we use automatic real-time peer evaluation of factories and customers inside the ecosystem – real third-party evaluations of each party by other users. This means that the other users also function as auditors for you. The system gathers information on performance and this way you can see how the other users have succeeded in their performance. It’s more efficient than merely relying on your own audit.

AirFaas is the single largest manufacturing innovation since Henry Ford and mass production. It solves bottlenecks on every level of the supply chain and leads to better profitability for all actors in the chain.

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