AirFaas has been developed during a five year pilot test period by industrial professionals. It has been polished and tools added so now we know that everything works.

Combi Works has served as a pilot user for several years. AirFaas has enabled the company to increase its turnover by 100% without hiring any extra resources into administration or operative work. The company has in the mean time focused on its customers and managed to digitalize its procurement and collaborate with its partners so that tasks are never done twice in a supply chain. And all customers have been given access to a customer portal while all suppliers have been granted access to a supplier portal and all quality nonconformity work has been digitalized into the same system.

HUONE creates a new generation of meeting locations. Colourful and creative, taking the boredom out of meetings. HUONE is now established in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Singapore. HUONE used AirFaas to upgrade its manufacturing of furniture. Also increasing its sustainability, lowering its carbon footprint with new factories closer-by and better quality. HUONE could move the production from Asia to Europe saving on costs, and not to be forgotten lowering the environmental implications. AirFaas “Finance Loop” was an important part of financing the production.

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